What we do

Kick Ash UK is a young person led smoking prevention programme for under 16s. Developed in Cambridgeshire, the programme now also operates in Bedfordshire and can boast excellent results. A tobacco control initiative where Public Health, smoking cessation services, PSHE, Trading Standards, schools and young people work together to promote a 'proud to be smokefree' message.

What do kick Ash mentors do?

We are Year 10 students trained to be Kick Ash mentors. As well as being smokefree ambassadors we deliver a Kick Ash programme to all the Year 8 and Year 5/6 students in our partner primary schools.

  • We lead assemblies and other promotional activities in school so our fellow students know we are proud to be smokefree and can find out where to get help
  • We encourage other students to show their support for Kick Ash in school
  • We look out for younger children when they come up to our secondary school and act as smokefree role models
  • We look at why peer groups and personal identity are such a big factor in whether young people choose to smoke
  • We work with our tutors to help them to lead work with Year 8s
  • We speak to parents about why a few young people choose to smoke, even though they know the health risks, and we let them know about Kick Ash

But wait: there's more!

Kick Ash mentors have the opportunity to work in three different areas, including communications, smoking cessation and Trading Standards.

As part of the communications team, our media stars:

  • Lead on designing, promoting and marketing our Kick Ash smokefree message
  • Develop our own branding
  • Lead on developing our own school launch event
  • Are trained to work with the media and to conduct their own interviews
  • Are the creative force behind Kick Ash!

As smoking cessation advisors:

  • We learn skills to help people who would like to stop smoking
  • We develop services within our schools that are most suitable for our own school
  • We design and develop information resources for students and parents
  • We are shaping young people's stop smoking services across Cambridgeshire

What do Kick Ash Trading Standards Tobacco Controllers do?

  • We visit shops with Trading Standards Officers to speak to the manager
  • We tell the shop manager all about Kick Ash
  • We help Trading Standards Officers give advice to shop managers about not selling tobacco (cigarettes) to people aged under 18
  • We give shop managers useful materials, such as posters and stickers, to display
  • We give shop managers application forms that young people can complete to get ID
  • We help Trading Standards Officers test that the shops are not selling tobacco (cigarettes) to people aged under 18

Kick Ash Cambridgeshire is currently working with Bottisham Village College, Swavesey Village College, Sir Harry Smith Community College, St Peter’s School, Witchford Village College, Cromwell Community College, Cottenham Village College, Longsands Academy, St Ivo School and Sawtry Village Academy as well as numerous feeder schools.